Slash Recalls Sneaking Into A Club With Steven Adler By Dressing Up As A Woman

Slash recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live for an interview during which he remembered the time he wore his mother’s clothes and tried to enter a club with Steven Adler.

Slash and Adler crossed paths at Bancroft Junior High when Adler fell from his skateboard, and Slash stopped to help him. The two eventually became friends following this incident, and Adler invited Slash over to check out his electric guitar. They noticed that they had similar music tastes and kicked off their music career together.

During his recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Slash recalled a quite amusing incident that took place when he and Steven Adler were around 15 years old. Back at that time, the pair decided to go to the Rainbow, so they got fake IDs to enter. However, Steven Adler got in while Slash couldn’t.

Following that, Slash was heartbroken and decided to do something worth hearing to enter the club. He went home, put on makeup, and wore his mother’s clothes. When the guitarist went back, he finally got in. However, according to Slash, Steven Adler was nowhere to be seen when he arrived there.

After realizing that Adler was gone, Slash recalled that he felt the most vulnerable he’d ever felt in his life, and being drunk probably didn’t help. Then, the guitarist stated he left and walked down Sunset Boulevard in a dress while going back to his car, and he thought every voice or whistle sounded like it was directed at him.

During the conversation, Slash recalled the incident as:

“There was one time I actually went to the Rainbow with Steven Adler, who was my partner in crime back when we were 14 and 15 years old. We went in there, and I showed them the ID and Steven showed them his ID, which I had done for him too.

They let Steven in, and they wouldn’t let me in. They said ‘Get out of here!’ and I was just crushed. So, I went home, put on a bunch of makeup, and put on some of my mom’s clothes. I was really drunk, you have to understand.

And I went back up there, and it was ladies’ night. That’s what it was. So I went back, and I got in. The whole thing of it for me was I was going to go and pick up on Steven because Steven would screw anything. I thought it’d be really funny, you know.

Anyway, so I got in, and then slowly but surely, I started to realize Steven was not here. He was gone, and this whole black cloud of reality came down. I felt the most vulnerable I’d ever feel. Still to this day, I’ve never felt like that.

And then, having to leave and walk down Sunset Boulevard in a dress back to my car— you know, anything that sounded like a whistle, anybody raising their voice, or anything, I thought was directed at me. It was horrible.

You can watch the full show below.