Adele Interrupts Performance After Seeing Paul McCartney In The Audience

In a now-viral video, Adele is seen to interrupt her show to give a hug to The Beatles’ Paul McCartney.

Adele has been in Las Vegas to perform at Caesars Palace until November 4. During one of her recent shows, the singer stopped singing to share a hug with Paul McCartney, who was in attendance at her show. The moment was recorded by many people and posted on X (formerly Twitter.)

The fans of both parties praised the recent occasion.

A fan shared a lengthy response to the video while praising both parties:

“The fact that Paul McCartney, a legendary musician and one of the founding members of the iconic band The Beatles, attended her show is already noteworthy. The hug they shared carries deeper symbolism. It represents a genuine display of affection and support, showing that despite their different generations and musical backgrounds, they share a bond as fellow artists.”

Another wrote:

“That was great! Two great singers together!”

Over a decade ago, McCartney was seen chatting with Adele backstage at the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, which makes evident that this is not the first time the duo met.

Additionally, McCartney has worked with the pop singer’s producer before on his 17th studio album, ‘Egypt Station.’

Below, you can see the video and a few fan comments.