Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Says His Friend’s Death ‘Hurts More Than Losing My Own Dad’

Scott Weiland’s son Noah recently shared his grief over the loss of a close friend on Instagram, stating that this loss has impacted him more deeply than even the passing of his own father.

Through a series of Instagram stories, Noah revealed his heartache and his determination to persevere through music. He shared a screenshot of a video call with his friend Gio, accompanied by a message:

“My life will never be the same. This next project is for you, Gio.”

The Weight Of Grief And Creativity

Following this, he made a disclosure about his grief, writing:

“This one hurt more than losing my own dad… not even close. As much as I don’t really want to be on Instagram, talking to people, music, or just doing anything at all right now, I’m going to try because every time I drop a song, something terrible in my life happens, and I go months without dropping anything. So I’m gonna force my way through this and hope I don’t lose my mind and go insane on the way…”

Reflecting On His Father’s Last Days

Noah had previously spoken about his father’s struggles, recalling the last time they met and how Scott Weiland appeared to be in considerable pain. During an interview with iHeartRadio in 2022, Noah noted:

“The last year my dad was alive, I think we saw him once, and it was for maybe like an hour, and it was at a restaurant in the Valley. The energy I could remember because I was 14 was he just felt so off and so drained. All I can remember is him seeming in so much pain. Looking back, it felt like it was the last time I was going to see him.”

Despite the challenges in his life, the musician has been making strides in his music career. In 2022, he ventured into a pop-oriented direction with a solo EP, a departure from his earlier work.

He continued to release music into 2023, with singles like ‘Good Riddance & Goodbye’ and ‘Yesterday,’ which explored themes of personal loss and moving on from past relationships marred by substance use. In his recent online posts, Noah also reached out to fans, encouraging them to support a potential collaboration with Tommy Lee.

See his Instagram stories below.

Photo Credit: Noah Weiland – Instagram