Brian May Says Taylor Hawkins Turned Out To Be The Greatest Queen Fan


Queen guitarist Brian May spoke to Liz Barnes about the late Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins whom he learned that he was a dedicated longtime Queen fan. The rock icon revealed what Hawkins did to contribute to their popularity among the young people worldwide.

Taylor Hawkins pursued a very successful career as the Foo Fighters drummer, and of course, like his peers, he had his inspirations who contributed to his drumming style and skills. Some of them were Genesis’ Phil Collins, The Beatles’ Ringo Starr, and Queen’s Roger Taylor. The hardcore Hawkins fans knew that he was a huge Queen admirer and continued to share his respect, love, and appreciation for them.

In addition, Hawkins generally covered Queen songs during the band’s live performances, and the latest was his singing ‘Somebody to Love’ in one of their recent concerts. May was also aware of this, and he previously stated that they had great bondage by defining the late drummer as ‘the best publicist for Queen ever.’ Unfortunately, Hawkins passed away because of an alleged heart condition from drug use on March 25, 2022.

His early death devasted everyone around him, especially May, who knew him closely and worked together for his ‘Another World’ reissue. The guitarist shared his condolences and sadness after learning the news about the incident. He was so surprised that Hawkins adored Queen and knew everything about them. According to the Queen icon, Hawkins made them famous again for the next generation of rock music lovers.

Here’s what May said about Hawkins:

It was wonderful not because he was the famous Taylor Hawkins of the famous Foo Fighters because they weren’t famous back then. They were just starting and were great in those early days. I remember seeing them in the Brixton Academy, blowing the place apart because they didn’t take themselves seriously, and they were knocking down the barriers. Taylor was a kid, who came out drumming for Alanis Morissette, and he had an opportunity to do what he wanted to do, which was playing hard rock.

The funny thing was he turned out to be the greatest Queen fan in the world. That was always a shock to me because he seemed to be cooler than we were. I think Taylor Hawkins single-headedly made Queen cool to a new generation. He knew everything about us at that point, and he gave us an award at some ceremony. It became obvious that he knew more about us than we knew.”

You can check out the interview and Hawkins’ Queen performance below.