The Guitar Solo Malcolm Young Advised Angus Young To Work On


Rock music has had many brother musicians that work in the same band, although it may not always be the wisest idea as they can turn against each other just like the Gallagher brothers of Oasis. However, when these siblings work cohesively within a band, their close upbringings and collective experiences can also do wonders.

In AC/DC, the Young brothers, lead guitarist Angus Young, and rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young were undoubtedly one of the best brother-musician duos rock music has ever witnessed. The two icons valued each other’s opinions and built one of the greatest hard rock bands of all time.

Naturally, their mutual respect gave the brothers the freedom to criticize each other regarding their duties in the band. In fact, Angus Young once admitted that Malcolm Young advised him to work on a guitar solo which still requires an hour of warm-up before going on stage, let’s take a look.

Malcolm Young’s Opinion Matters To Angus Young


Although Angus Young has always been the more visible brother in the band thanks to his signature schoolboy look and high energetic performance on stage, Malcolm Young was the mastermind behind AC/DC’s timeless rock sound and the band’s musical aspect.

Malcolm Young was described as the driving force and the band’s leader by both fans and numerous music critics. The rhythm guitarist was responsible for the band’s iconic hard rock sound, creating countless guitar riffs and co-writing AC/DC’s material.

These are the reasons why each member, including Angus Young, looked up to Malcolm Young as the mentor within the band in terms of their creation process. When a song was being written, a guitar solo was built, or a guitar riff was composed, Malcolm often made the final decision.

Malcolm Young Said Angus Needed To Work On ‘Thunderstruck’


During a 2020 interview with Vulture, Angus Young was asked about his biggest endurance test in terms of a guitar solo. According to the guitarist, it’s the solo from their legendary track ‘Thunderstruck,’ released as the lead single on their twelfth studio album, ‘The Razors Edge,’ on September 10, 1990.

According to Angus Young, his brother Malcolm Young advised him to work on the guitar solo of ‘Thunderstruck’ when he heard him playing it on the acoustic guitar. From then on, Malcolm continued to ‘pester’ Angus until he approved the final version of the solo as we all know it today.

As for playing it live, the AC/DC guitarist actually has to warm his fingers up for an hour before performing it during the show. If you ask Angus, the guitar solo of ‘Thunderstruck’ is one of those solos that doesn’t get easy to play with time. Instead, its intricacy needs confidence each time Angus is about to perform, making it one of the band’s best songs.

During the interview, Angus said:

“‘Thunderstruck.’ I had been playing around with an acoustic guitar, of all things, and Malcolm heard what I was playing and kept pestering me about it. ‘You should keep working on that!’ When you hear it, it all comes into place. When we perform it live, I have to sit down for an hour and make sure I’ve got my fingers warmed up to take on that track. It’s got an unrelenting intricacy. I have to be confident whenever I play it.”

You can listen to ‘Thunderstruck’ below.