Who’s The Mastermind Of AC/DC And Its Iconic Rock Sound: The Roles Of Angus Young, Malcolm Young And Brian Johnson

AC/DC, one of the best-selling artists in the world, has its iconic band members that created the legendary AC/DC sound such as lead guitarist Angus Young, late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, and lead vocalist Brian Johnson, however, there’s always one member to create the first step of the collective creativity who should be referred to as the ‘mastermind’ of the band.

As many of you know, AC/DC has its simple yet iconic hard rock sound that defined and shaped the 1970s hard rock according to numerous music critics. Their loud, hard, and guitar-driven sound has never changed throughout the band’s career that spans nearly five decades, furthermore, even the band members referred to themselves as just a rock and roll band, with nothing more or less.

While it’s known that all past and present band members preserved this iconic sound of AC/DC, it’s a subject of curiosity which member actually first created and sustained the sound, is it lead guitarist Angus Young, late rhythm guitarist Malcolm Young, or lead vocalist Brian Johnson?

Is Angus Young The Mastermind Of AC/DC?

As many of you know, Angus Young was one of the founding members of AC/DC along with his brother Malcolm when the two formed the band in 1973, when Angus was only 18 years old. Since then, the lead guitarist has never left the band, creating countless chart hits, performing record-breaking live performances, and creating all-time favorite studio albums.

Thanks to his signature schoolboy look, his high energetic performance on stage, and often being regarded as the best Australian guitarist of all time, Angus Young is widely accepted as the face of AC/DC, however, it wouldn’t be fair to say he’s the creative head of the band when it comes to music since his position in the band is rather about the appearance of the band.

What About Brian Johnson And Other Members?

Brian Johnson officially joined AC/DC on April 1, 1980, as the band’s lead vocalist after the passing of the previous frontman Bon Scott. While the band considered numerous names as the lead singer, Johnson was the first name in both Malcolm and Angus Young’s minds since he was praised by Scott himself before his passing.

Since then, Brian Johnson has worked with the band until his departure in April 2016, during the Rock or Bust World Tour, due to his hearing issues. Luckily, the iconic lead vocalist returned to the band on 30 September 2020, as AC/DC posted a photo on social media. Throughout his time with the band, Johnson has proven himself as one of the most important figures in the band with his incredible vocals; however, he has never been the prior music creator of AC/DC regardless of his undeniable presence.

When it comes to other band members such as drummer Phil Rudd, bassist Cliff Williams, former bassist Mark Evans, late frontman Bon Scott, they all left a mark on AC/DC for the band’s fans, however, didn’t contribute to the band’s ever-lasting sound, they all rather continued the legendary sound that was already created by another member.

Malcolm Young Was The Mastermind of AC/DC’s Iconic Hard Rock Sound

AC/DC rhythm guitarist, co-founder, backing vocalist, and songwriter Malcolm Young was regarded as a leading rock representative of rhythm guitar in addition to being an iconic figure in the rock and roll scene, often referred to as one of the best rhythm guitarists in the world.

Despite the fact that his younger brother Angus Young has always been the more visible member of the band, Malcolm Young was described as the driving force and the leader of the band according to both fans and critics. Young had always been responsible for the band’s iconic hard rock sound, creating numerous guitar riffs in addition to co-writing AC/DC’s material.

Unfortunately, the creator of the band’s iconic sound and the mastermind behind AC/DC’s success that flourished for decades has passed away from the effects of dementia on 18 November 2017, which was the disease that forced him to retire in September 2014. However, even after his passing, Malcolm Young affected and influenced the band’s most recent studio album, ‘PWR/UP’ which was released on November 13, 2020.