Joe Ely Recalls How Bruce Springsteen Ended Up Singing Backing Vocals On ‘All Just To Get To You’

In a recent interview with Guitar Player, Joe Ely talked about working with Bruce Springsteen to sing backing vocals on ‘All Just to Get to You.’

Joe Ely does possess a unique ability that most artists are in dire need of attaining. He can create a short story with a location and background and turn it into an emotional three-minute song. His process for ‘All Just to Get to You’ was no different.

Ely wrote ‘All Just to Get to You’ with Will Sexton for his 1995 album ‘Letter To Laredo.’ Bruce Springsteen contributed not only to the studio recording of ‘All Just to Get to You,’ but also to ‘I’m a Thousand Miles from Home.’ These two songs are a part of Ely’s ‘Letter To Laredo’ album, and Springsteen provided backing vocals for both of them.

Joe Ely recently explained how ‘All Just to Get to You’ came together. He stated that ‘All Just to Get to You’ has Bruce Springsteen’s backing vocals in it and added that their voices sound great together in this track. Ely claimed Springsteen was a great guy to hang out with and that he was a great storyteller. He also mentioned that when writing ‘All Just to Get to You,’ Ely thought that the song took the listener on a journey and made them invested in what would happen at the end.

Joe Ely’s words about Bruce Springsteen’s backing vocals on ‘All Just to Get to You’:

“Bruce Springsteen sings backing vocals on this, and I like how our voices work together on those parts. We were doing a benefit together – he’d asked me to be a part – and that was the start of my long friendship with him. He’s a great guy to hang out with, and I like his way of painting characters and their backgrounds. He tells a great story.

We started to play quite a lot of shows together. I like working with other people and seeing their take on a song and how they develop it. I’ve been going through old boxes of notes from the road and finding little pieces of songs – just the first things I’d written for them when they were coming to life. It’s been exciting.

I remember writing this song and thinking it took the listener on a journey. I like to find a way to draw the listener in, make them wonder where things are going to go, and perhaps even surprise them with how things might turn out. Songs are multidimensional; you can go backward and forward in time.”

You can listen to ‘All Just to Get to You’ below.