Alice Cooper Mourns Dick Donner By Saying He Was A Hippie As Much As The Rolling Stones

In his recent Twitter post, Alice Cooper has mourned the death of Dick Donner, claiming that he never met anyone hipper than Donner as he even hanged out with Rolling Stones.

The famous filmmaker and director Richard Donner has passed away on July 5, 2021. It is known that he was a pioneer of action movies, directing blockbuster films like ‘Superman,’ ‘The Omen,’ and ‘The Goonies.’ His last film as a director before his death was ’16 Blocks,’ which is a 2006 American action thriller film. His sudden death heavily affected the film industry and saddened a wide audience, as so many movie stars and directors shared their condolences for his death on several social platforms including Twitter.

Alice Cooper has also appeared on Richard Donner’s ‘Maverick’ with a minor cameo role as the town drunk, but the scene was deleted later on. It is known that Donner has invited him to play the role as they have been friends for a while at that time. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Alice Cooper talked about that incident briefly back in 2012. He said that Dick Donner was one of his best buddies who told him to come out and watch the film. Cooper then said that after his arrival, Donner told him to get dressed up as he wanted him in the bar scene. He claimed the scene was a bit longer but was edited afterward.

As seen in his recent tweet, Alice Cooper is saddened by the news of Donner’s death. He has posted a photo of himself together with Donner, saying that he never met anyone hipper than Dick Donner, adding he could hang with the Rat Pack or The Rolling Stones. Speaking of Dick, Cooper said that he made some truly great American movies, being a great talent and a great friend. He then said he and his family will miss him deerly.

Alice Cooper’s tweet read:

“I never met anyone hipper than Dick Donner. He could hang with the Rat Pack or The Rolling Stones. Dick made some of the truly great American movies. A great talent and a great friend. My whole family and I will miss him dearly. To Dick, we were all… ‘Hey Kids!’ – Alice Cooper.”

Below is the tweet Cooper has posted.