Billy Joel Says He Is Very Disappointed About The Current State Of The World


Billy Joel remembered his Soviet Reunion concerts by sharing his ideas about that journey during his recent conversation with Ultimate Classic Rock. The famous musician revealed his reaction to what is happening in the world now with important examples.

Joel released his tenth studio album entitled ‘The Bridge’ on July 9, 1986, and the work got critical acclaim with its well-crafted sounds and lyrics. The record’s tracks such as ‘A Matter of Trust,’ ‘Modern Woman,’ and ‘This Is the Time’ became popular among rock music lovers and Joel’s fans. To promote his album, the musician started his The Bridge Tour and decided to go to a place that most artists didn’t want to for years.

As a part of his concerts, Billy Joel wanted to perform live shows in the Soviet Reunion and was among the first wave of Western artists. Also, the pianist’s performance at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium in Moscow in 1987 drew significant attention from the citizens and Americans. Joel highlighted that he was glad and proud to meet his fans in Soviet Reunion despite the ongoing political problems and tensions at that time.

Then, The Piano Man compared the USSR to modern Russia and stated that he felt disappointed about the Russian people’s situation because of the Putin government. He wasn’t sure whether they could get information or not by adding that the world was crazy and different now. According to Joel, former US President Donald Trump, the global pandemic, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the economic crisis proved that this was a hard time to live.

In his interview, Joel said:

“I’m glad we made that trip. I was very proud of that trip, and we helped kick the door a little bit to open it up to Democratic stuff. I’m very disappointed. I’m hoping the Russian people get to know what’s happening, but I don’t know how much real information they get because they’re in a closed media society. It’s a crazy world. It’s a different world now, between Trump and what’s going on with Russia and COVID and what’s going on with the economy. It is a hard time now.”

You can check out a moment from the concerts below.