Bruce Kulick Says Paul Stanley And Gene Simmons Didn’t Invite Him To KISS’ Farewell Tour

Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick recently spoke to Eonmusic for an interview and revealed that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons didn’t approach him for KISS’ farewell tour.

Bruce Kulick joined KISS in September 1984 as the lead guitarist to replace Mark St. John, who was struggling with health issues resulting from his reactive arthritis. During his tenure in KISS, Kulick never wore stage makeup since it was the band’s unmasked period. So, he and Mark St. John didn’t have a stage persona. After playing on five of KISS’ studio albums, the guitarist left the band in 1996.

After the KISS reunion following the band’s MTV Unplugged appearance, Ace Frehley joined the band. When Frehley left again in 2002, the band didn’t ask Kulick to rejoin; they settled on Tommy Thayer instead. However, the guitarist contributed to the band’s music after his departure. He worked on the ‘Psycho Circus’ album and joined the Kiss Kruise 2021.

Kulick’s latest KISS-related effort was sharing the same stage with Peter Criss, Vinnie Vincent, and Ace Frehley for the 2022 Creature Fest. KISS is now on their End Of The Road tour, their farewell to the music scene. The tour kicked off on January 31, 2021, and the band plans to perform their last show in 2023. Fans were expecting to see the former members of the band participating in this event, but Frehley turned down the invitation.

As it turns out, KISS hasn’t asked Bruce Kulick whether he would join them for the End Of The Road tour. Speaking to Eonmusic, Kulick argued that KISS hasn’t invited anyone yet because they don’t know when the final show will take place. The guitarist then recalled 2021’s Kiss Kruise and how fun it was. According to Kulick, he would happily join the band for their farewell, but it’s up to him.

When asked whether he would play with KISS on the band’s End Of The Road tour, Bruce Kulick told Eonmusic the following:

“Well, officially, I don’t think anyone’s been asked because I don’t think they know when it is the final show. Who knows when they’re going to stop? You know, I’ve jammed with them on the Kiss Kruises, and it goes over really, really well. We did an electric set on 2021 Kiss Kruise X when I played ‘Tears Are Falling’ and ‘Hide Your Heart’; it was a lot of fun. Will it happen? It’s not in my control. Would I be happy to do it? Of course, why wouldn’t I want to celebrate their last show with them? But it’s really up to them to ask me and make the plan.

So, although it’s been reported that Frehley didn’t want to participate in the band’s End Of The Road tour, Bruce Kulick argues that KISS hasn’t asked anyone to join yet. Moreover, the guitarist also stressed he would be happy to celebrate KISS’ last show with them, but the invitation hasn’t been made yet.