Peter Criss, Vinnie Vincent, Ace Frehley, And Bruce Kulick Reunite To Perform Together


Former KISS members Peter Criss, Vinnie Vincent, Ace Frehley, and Bruce Kulick will perform concerts for 2022’s Creatures Fest. The unexpected reunion of the original members drew significant attention from the fans, and it seems that many will join the event for the sake of seeing this surprising lineup.

KISS, which has been performing and creating for almost fifty years, faced many problems and lineup changes over the years for several reasons. The original members were Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, but Criss and Frehley parted ways with the band during the early ’80s. Eric Carr replaced the drummer while Vinnie Vincent was recruited to become the new guitarist.

However, Vincent couldn’t stay in the band for a long time because of the tension between him and the other members caused by his refusal to sign the employment contract. Mark St. John replaced the musician in 1984, and his health problems prevented him from performing on the stage. Eventually, Stanley and Simmons hired Bruce Kulick as the new guitarist in the same year.

As announced on the festival’s official website, this year’s event will include Peter Criss, Vinnie Vincent, Ace Frehley, and Bruce Kulick. Considering all of these musicians’ common history with KISS and the low possibility of seeing these rockers together again, the festival will probably be like a KISS-themed museum for the band’s longtime dedicated fans.

Creature Fest 2022 will be held on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27 – 29, in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Sonesta Nashville Airport Hotel. Quiet Riot, Enuff Z’Nuff, Vixen, and Trixter will also join the event, along with former KISS members. The fans who want to witness this iconic event can get more detailed information about the festival and tickets from its official website.