Guns N’ Roses Officially Release New Track After Being Leaked

Just last weekend, a new Guns N’ Roses titled ‘Perhaps’ was leaked, which was originally scheduled for release on August 11 on various digital streaming platforms. However, someone on Twitter shared a way for fans to listen to the song, which for unknown reasons was not released on the set date.

For fans who weren’t aware that a GNR song got leaked, before Guns N’ Roses could take initiative and release the track themselves, ‘Perhaps’ landed on digital jukebox machines across the United States. A fan who came across the song in a bar tweeted to inform fans that if they could find themselves a local bar with ‘TouchTunes,’ they too can give the song a listen before it is released worldwide.

Not long after the news spread of the leaked track, Guns N’ Roses took to Twitter to officially announce and provide a link for their new single, ‘Perhaps.’ They wrote:

“‘PERHAPS’ is here. Listen now.”

Fans commented under GNR’s official announcement on Twitter. One fan even congratulated the band for their ‘marketing technique’ by saying:

“I had so much fun because of all the speculations and posts last week, the best marketing you’ve done.”

Even though the song seemed like a new song or a leaked track, for die hard GNR fans ‘Perhaps’ might not be that new considering it was a single that never got released from their 2008 album ‘Chinese Democracy.’ But with it’s official release, ‘Perhaps’ marks the band’s first release since their four-song EP ‘Hard Skool,’ which was released last February.

You can read Guns N’ Roses’ and the fans tweets below. You can also listen to ‘Perhaps’ below.