Noel Gallagher Calls Prince Harry A ‘Woke Snowflake’ And Resembles Him To His Brother Liam

Former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher opened up about Prince Harry’s controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey during an interview with The Sun and while cursing the Duke of Sussex with an uncensored language, the iconic musician stressed the resemblance of him with his brother Liam Gallagher.

As many of you know, Noel Gallagher is widely known for his bold and controversial statements about other musicians including his previous disputes with musicians such as Blur members Damon Albarn and Alex James, Jay-Z, Phil Collins, and many others about which Oasis guitarist didn’t hold back and don’t have regrets as he once revealed during an interview.

Here is what Gallagher said:

“People think I’m controversial for the answers I give to silly questions in interviews, but… I’m not thinking about insulting people; I say what I genuinely feel is in my heart. My conscience is clean, d’you know what I mean? You know, I’m true to myself—fuck everybody else.”

The Gallagher brothers infamously share a turbulent relationship over the years of being bandmates since the siblings oftentimes started arguments over countless matters, causing concerts to be canceled or delayed as well as blaming each other over false accusations which affected their music career and eventually led up to the band’s disbandment in 2009.

During a recent interview, Noel Gallagher criticized the Duke of Sussex for his statements against his family during the notorious Oprah Winfrey interview with harsh words many of which included swearing. While verbally attacking Prince Harry, Oasis icon stated that he understands Prince William as their siblings are just like each other.

Here is what the Oasis guitarist said during the interview:

“Prince William. I feel that f–king lad’s pain. He’s got a f–king younger brother shooting his f–king mouth off with s–t that is just so unnecessary. I’d like to think I was always the William. Prince Harry is coming across like a typical f–king woke snowflake, f–king a–hole. Just don’t be f–king dissing your family, because there’s no need for it.”

While his fans are now used to hearing these sort of statements from Noel Gallagher, he has been pretty calm lately even making jokes about a possible Oasis reunion, however, he delivered comments just as expected of him, and now fans cannot wait to hear from both other sides of these provocative explanations.