The Darkness’ Justin Hawkins Names Miley Cyrus As The Voice Of Our Generation

Miley Cyrus transitioned from being America’s beloved pop princess to a modern-day rock star in a reasonably short period. However, there are still many who don’t consider her that way. Still, Justin Hawkins named Cyrus as the voice of our generation while reacting to her collab with Talking Heads’ David Byrne.

“Now, I’ve said this many times before. Miley Cyrus, as a vocalist and as a performer, is the real deal,” Justin said as he watched Miley perform on stage with Byrne. “I think there are folks in the world who incorrectly pigeonhole her as a former child star and, you know, pop princess.”

He continued by naming and honoring Cyrus as the voice of our generation. The frontman noted, “She’s much more than that. She’s the voice of a generation. She and that other fella called… Paolo Nutini. Paolo Nutini and Miley Cyrus; the voices of our generation. Enjoy.”

Justin then pointed out how natural it was for Cyrus to be on stage and perform comfortably. Hawkins said, “I can understand that comment about Miley as a stage persona and unparalleled sort of presence in this arena because she just looks so natural there. It’s like; she was born to be Miley Cyrus, the singer. Isn’t it natural? It’s just so brilliant.”

The young star’s decision to rebrand herself as a rocker has been both a pleasant and an unpleasant surprise for the rock community. Tool’s Maynard James Keenan had even previously discussed Cyrus’ attempt to rock and how her going full-Mike-Patton didn’t please many. Now, her team-up with Byrne also received somewhat mixed reactions, but for Hawkins, it was the one duet we didn’t know we needed.

So, even though some might like her and some not, it would be fair to say that Miley perhaps felt trapped in the sound of the pop world and wanted to dive into new styles. However, as she rebranded herself and celebrated her love for rock, we might say that she’s feeling freer and doing whatever she wants with her music, even if it might upset some of the rock community and the singer’s younger, radio-friendly fans.