Maynard James Keenan Addresses Miley Cyrus’ Attempt To ‘Rock’

Artists might start their careers with one specific genre, then branch out to others to rebrand themselves. Miley Cyrus is among those artists as the singer began her career as a pop star but switched to rock during the last few years. Tool‘s Maynard James Keenan recently discussed Cyrus’ decision to rebrand herself with Joe Rogan and addressed her attempt to ‘rock.’

“She literally just started swearing every other word to break out of the part of that,” said Keenan while discussing how Cyrus got stuck in the ‘Hannah Montana’ personality. “You’re so trapped into the ‘Hannah Montana’ thing that to get out of that, you had to start, almost go full Mike Patton, and start smearing sh*t on everything. Just to f*cking erase it and start over.”

“But, you know, it seems that she has figured a way to wiggle and broaden out of it,” continued the rocker but pointed out that not everybody was pleased about her transition. “There are so many people with their hands out, so many people that have a piece of that, so many people that don’t want you to branch out because they think it could ruin the gravy train that they’re enjoying.”

Cyrus enjoyed significant commercial success with her hits as a pop star, and thus, many people around her were not pleased with her decision to rebrand. Her music was radio-friendly and mainstream, so her transition to a rocker affected her young audience. In addition, it was approached with suspicion by some rock fans and musicians.

However, the Tool frontman seems happy with Cyrus’ choice to branch out and discover herself. During their chat, Joe Rogan specifically praised Miley’s cover of Dolly Parton’s ‘Jolene,’ and he stated that the singer has a tone beyond her age.