The Beatles Song In Which Paul McCartney Replaced George Harrison

Mainly the band members share their duties while composing, writing, performing their works, and most of them strictly define these roles according to their talents and wishes. However, there are always some exceptions, considering another member’s possible new approach or idea about that specific song or album or a departure from the band. Even though it can benefit their style and uniqueness, it could cause tensions and problems between bandmates.

The most known one can be considered the arguments and disagreements about Pink Floyd’s musical direction between Roger Waters and David Gilmour, which eventually led to Waters leaving the band. A similar version also occurred between Paul McCartney and the other Beatles members, which became one of the reasons behind their breakup. Before that, let’s check out one of those moments when McCartney showed his power in the band’s works.

Paul McCartney Was The Lead Guitarist Of A Beatles Song

The Beatles released their sixth studio album entitled ‘Rubber Soul’ on December 3, 1965, and the band used elements from folk-rock, pop, and soul music. This style was also defined as ‘plastic soul’ because the musicians didn’t have the authenticity of African-American soul artists. Sitar, harmonium, and fuzz bass’ additions to the songs contributed a lot to its extraordinary sounds and well-written lyrics.

One of the tracks from the album, ‘Drive My Car,’ which tells a story of a woman that wanted to be a famous actress and a man to become her driver, was written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon, but primarily by the bassist. However, it’s possible that being the song’s writer, co-lead singer, and bassist wasn’t enough for the musician. Therefore, he wanted to do another duty that George Harrison already had in the band.

In Harrison’s words, he said:

“Paul played lead guitar on ‘Taxman,’ and he played guitar, a good part on ‘Drive My Car.’

The famous song surprised the Beatles fans after they realized that McCartney performed the lead guitar on the song instead of Harrison, and they worked together to create bass riffs. Moreover, in one of the previous interviews that he joined, Harrison defined McCartney’s performance as ‘good.’ He also mentioned Paul playing the lead guitar on another Beatles song, ‘Taxman.’

The main reason behind taking Harrison’s role could be McCartney’s wish to create and play as he imaged while writing ‘Drive My Car.’ Even though the late guitarist didn’t share any details about these changing roles for the track, it’s known that Harrison didn’t have a chance to decide on The Beatles’ musical direction as ‘their little brother.’ Both McCartney and his ex-wife Pattie Boyd admitted that the musician was left out for the most parts of writing, composing, and creating, which caused a tumultuous relationship between him and other Beatles members.