Courtney Love Explains Why She Left USA

After the long-going struggle of Britney Spears trying to get rid of her exploiting father legally, many celebrities showed their support and held their breath during the hearing. Recently, Courtney Love also stated her opinions and feelings and clarified how angry she is at U.S. legislation.

As you may know, the pop star Britney Spears had a meltdown in front of the cameras and concerned her fans about her mental health in 2008. Using this event to his advantage, her father, James Parnell Spears, filed for conservatorship over his daughter’s financial belongings. For years, Britney was controlled by this conservatorship and wasn’t allowed to be involved in anything James disapproved.

However, in July 2021, Spears pressed charges against her father for conservatorship abuse and stated it has affected her badly. The ‘Free Britney’ movement and campaigns had been going on for years, but the support increased immensely when Britney pressed charges. People and celebrities worldwide reacted to women being controlled and exploited by men, which set an example of the power of united women.

Most recently, Courtney Love posted news about Britney on her Instagram account, and she complained about the system and the law of the United States. Love expressed her anger and suggested Britney leave the country as she did because she’ll never be valued as an artist there.

The Hole singer also complained about the corruption in the U.S. and suggested Britney move to England. She mentioned how she used to be angry at Miley Cyrus because she wouldn’t drop her manager, who also helped exploit Britney, but now that she did, Love isn’t mad at her anymore.

Here is Love’s caption encouraging Britney:

“Britney Spears get the fuck out!!! I’ve been trying to get someone to bounce you out of the States for 13 years. I just left & thank God. Please don’t worry about ‘messing up’ – you did nothing wrong in the first place. You’ve been gaslit and lied to for so long, this tireless thirst for mainstream ‘superstardom’ is a fucking bore, has nothing to do with you as an artist, and only succeeds in confusing you.

Get out of the simulation & you’ll see, the way they kept you in it so long is by forcing you to sing/dance/wear cheesy kitsch, obviously chosen by a committee with a bad taste and bad values & then ‘cultural’ media wouldn’t take you seriously, so they did nothing but side with the censorship. You didn’t matter due to the things they were making you do.

Honey, I feel for you. When you told penny, ‘I wasn’t good. I was great’ you’re right. You’re an artist. Fuck being a ‘celebrity.’ Their right-wing, evangelical, perversion of Christianity (plus Lou’s slush fund tax-free churches) is not the real world.

Your fans and those who aren’t your fans are all rooting for you no matter what you do. Even if that’s nothing ever. Even if you stumble. Fall. Fail. Fuck up (in whose world though). Gain 100s of pounds (to be honest that would have been my first move if I was you. Ate myself silly. ‘How do you like me now Lou? Daddy?.’ Fuck those clowns) No matter what. We want you embodied, flawed, in all your truth.

Britney, if I had shaved my head, no one would have blinked. You did but aren’t ‘on brand,’ and they punish you for it for this long? Making you jump through hoops & f*cking you over at every turn, never able to grow & truly express your artistry. Leave the whole shit-mess in their laps & keep Matt & Greenberg Traurig stoking the fire. That man will be governor someday because of you. England or France! They won’t let anyone get you here. They actually value artists.”

This is how she addressed Miley Cyrus:

“In good news? Miley Cyrus stopped being a hypocrite and left Larry Rudolph, for a wonderful, honorable manager. (Hi Miley. You asked if I was mad at you. Yeah, I really was. And now you know why. And now I’m not mad at you anymore. You walked it like you talked it.) Cher, you know the drill. Fire up the jets.”

Love’s fans admired the singer’s ‘women supporting women’ attitude. They stated that the entire caption was so empowering that they got inspired by it regarding their personal life. Love was so inspiring in this post that she made people feel better about the situations they thought they did something wrong.

You can see her posts below.