Paul McCartney Shares The Reason John Lennon Fell In Love With Yoko Ono

The Beatles icon Paul McCartney recently spoke to Terry Gross from NPR and shared his thoughts on why Yoko Ono was such an attractive woman for John Lennon.

As one of the most famous and successful bands in the music industry, The Beatles dominated the music market as the leading force in the 1960s. However, the band members started to have some conflicts with each other in the late 1960s, and in 1970, Paul McCartney announced with a public statement that The Beatles had disbanded.

Later on, it was revealed that The Beatles’ members had long years of tensions and rivalries, which ended their musical journey after their huge success. After the disbandment, The Beatles’ members carried on with their solo careers, but the reasons behind the break up are still a matter of speculation.

There were some rumors, but it is still hard to know what played the biggest role in their separation. It is known that The Beatles drew great attention at the time, and they were very busy with tours and performances. Thus, it is thought that their tiredness is probably one of the reasons besides the band manager’s death and their constant arguments during the recording sessions.

Several fans have blamed Yoko Ono for the Fab-Four’s disbandment. From the beginning of their relationship, Yoko Ono would accompany Lennon everywhere, including the recording sessions, and she would sit and watch their performances. However, this was not a very common thing in the band. McCartney spoke to Rolling Stone in 2016 and said that their girlfriends never came to the studio, and he didn’t feel comfortable when Yoko sat in the middle of them.

During the recent interview, McCartney repeated his discomfort with Yoko but added that he could do nothing because Lennon was madly in love with her. McCartney also revealed the possible reasons why Lennon was so attracted to Yoko. He assumes that John loved her because he was into strong women due to the ones he had in his family. McCartney explained that he was still happy for Lennon because maybe Yoko was all he needed at the time.

Here are McCartney’s words on Yoko and Lennon:

“At the time, it was very difficult because we knew John was infatuated with Yoko. And having known John so long personally, I knew what he liked in a woman. And he liked strong women. His aunt Mimi, who raised him mainly, was quite a strong woman and I think he liked that.

In his family, there were quite a few strong women. Some of his aunts were strong and very opinionated. So when he met Yoko, I think he was very attracted to her and I think it was a great thing for him. I think he needed it. It was time to break loose and so some new things and I knew it was exciting for him.

But at first, it was… we were not too keen on it at all. It was like, who is this and why is she sitting on my amp? And for me, this having been my employment and my artistic world for quite a number of years, and having known John since we were teenagers together to this point, to finally coming to an end, it was very challenging. The first question was, what do I do now?”

Apparently, Yoko Ono was pretty influential on John Lennon, but it remains a mystery whether she affected his decision to leave The Beatles. According to McCartney, she might have affected him because Lennon wanted to have a new life with Yoko, as it was concluded from his previous statements.