James Hetfield Gives A Life-Saving Advice To Frank Carter

The vocalist Frank Carter recently appeared in an interview with NME and revealed the advice Metallica singer James Hetfield gave him, which saved his life.

Frank Carter became interested in music and art as a teenager, leading him to be a musician and a tattoo artist in the future. After playing with amateur bands, he established Gallows in 2005. The band carried influences from hardcore punk bands such as Minor Threat and JR Ewing. They succeeded with their second album, 2009’s ‘Grey Britain,’ reaching number 20 on the UK charts.

After leaving Gallows due to internal issues, Carter established Pure Love along with The Suicide File guitarist Jim Carroll in 2011. They debuted with the album entitled ‘Anthems’ in which Carter embraced a different style from what he had in Gallows. Later, the pair announced they would go on an indefinite hiatus because of the challenging period they had been through at the time.

Carter continued his musical works and founded the new band Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes in 2015. His aim with this group was to return to his hardcore style. Following their debut album, ‘Blossom,’ and the second, ‘Modern Ruin,’ the group gained considerable success with the 2019 record ‘End of Suffering,’ which reached number 4 on the UK charts. The band’s most recent work was its fourth studio album, ‘Sticky,’ released in 2021.

Recently, Carter revealed during an interview that he watched Metallica’s James Hetfield in the previous days. He expressed that Hetfield tremendously impressed him with his musical talent. As Carter stated, the Metallica singer gave him a few plectrums and sweets. Hetfield advised him to use those sweets for his throat, which would protect his voice and save his musical life. Hetfield also told Carter that Tom Jones was the first to give him these pills.

Frank Carter revealed the advice James Hetfield gave him:

“We keep bumping into him, and he’s a good lad. He’s the king of rock and roll; he’s proper. I watched them the other day. I was at the side of the stage watching him from his little guitar world – well, massive guitar world – and it was so f*cking sick. I’ve been trying to downplay it, but it was one of the best moments of my entire life.

I f*cking love Metallica. I’m standing there, watching him play, he comes over to change his guitar, and he gives me a high five and goes, ‘Wait, I’ve got something for you!‘ He goes and gets this handful of stuff and then drops in my hand some plectrums and these little Vocalzone pills. They’re these little throat sweets, and he goes, ‘These are going to save your life and save your throat.’

This is in the middle of his f*cking set, and he’s literally giving out sweets! He goes, ‘Do you know who put me on to these?’ I’m sitting there thinking, ‘Man, some f*cking rock and roll legend.’ Then he goes, ‘Tom f*cking Jones,’ he puts his guitar back on, and he goes back to the stage. I just stood there like, ‘Wow, that is f*cking sick.'”

Metallica has inspired many bands since it first took place in the music scene. As a young musician, Frank Carter is one of them who pointed out the band as a source of inspiration for him. As he revealed recently, James Hetfield has not only influenced him musically but also given life-saving advice for his health. Hetfield offered a solution for Carter to avoid the throat problem that rock and metal musicians generally experience.