The Tumultuous Relationship Of Paul McCartney And George Harrison

The images often reflected on musicians’ audiences are often either how glamorous their rock and roll lifestyle is or how their career makes them happy. Many musicians involved in bands eventually experienced some form of drama with their band members, which they often revealed in future interviews. Some even confessed their shocking unhappiness due to having to ‘endure’ some people for the sake of music.

Hence, it has been proven many times that the rock and roll fame and glory is not necessarily a beautiful experience for the artist. When we think about the most dramatic events regarding rock and roll in history, our minds undoubtfully go to the Beatles. They are not only the most known rock and roll figures in history but also a band that never ceases to make it to the headlines. Even before their break up, the band went through tumultuous events that mainly involved Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison, which made Harrison hate being in the band.

Why Did George Harrison Feel Unhappy In The Beatles?

The main issue in the band was probably the fact that Paul McCartney and John Lennon dominated the band’s songwriting and composing section. George Harrison was left out of most things in the band, even if it was unintentional. However, it is also known that McCartney and Lennon would treat Harrison as their little brother and not give him much chance to speak up or present ideas.

Already feeling overwhelmed by the band’s fame, Harrison’s anxiety started to increase, and he eventually felt that there was no point in being in the band anymore. In 1969 he quit the band without hesitation because he knew he wasn’t happy anymore. Hence, in 1970, after ‘Let It Be’ was released, the Beatles disbanded, and each member continued on their solo path.

Was Paul McCartney The Main Reason For George Harrison To Quit The Band?

Pattie Boyd was married to Harrison between the years 1966 and 1977. Since she was with him when everything went down, she had previously spoken about George’s thoughts, state of mind, and feelings throughout these anxious times. She specifically targeted McCartney for being disrespectful towards Harrison.

According to Boyd, Harrison didn’t like McCartney’s personality, and it didn’t seem like they had a mutual love for each other. Their arguments made him unhappy, and she described the Beatles’ attitude towards George as pushing their ‘little brother’ into the background. At the time, Harrison had returned from India at a Zen state and could not tolerate McCartney’s behavior anymore, and the fights between the band members made him miserable.

Here are Boyd’s words:

“George saw Paul as difficult. They would tolerate each other, but I think George basically didn’t like Paul’s personality. I just think they really didn’t love each other. George was terribly unhappy. The Beatles made him unhappy, with the constant arguments. They were vicious to each other.

That was really upsetting and even more so for him because he had this new spiritual avenue. Like a little brother, he was pushed into the background. He would come home from recording and be full of anger. It was a very bad state that he was in.”

The subsequent years helped Harrison forget about the bullying he had been through while still in the band. They all ventured off into other directions and faced several tragedies. While Lennon was murdered in 1980, and Harrison died of lung cancer in 2001. Currently, the remaining two members, McCartney and Ringo Starr, are making sure their legacy survives by releasing documentaries and talking about the band’s memories in interviews.