David Crosby Clarifies Why He Didn’t Remove His Songs From Spotify To Support Neil Young

CSNY legend David Crosby posted a tweet to answer a user’s question about whether he will remove his music from the streaming platform Spotify to support his former bandmate Neil Young who gave the platform an ultimatum because of the misinformation. Crosby revealed the reason why he can’t join Young and support his decision.

A few days ago, Neil Young contacted his management team and record label and wanted them to remove his music from Spotify due to the platform’s letting Joe Rogan release his podcast The Joe Rogan Experience on it. During his podcast, Rogan has shared remarks supporting anti-vaxxers by targeting COVID-19 precautions and restrictions. However, Spotify didn’t warn him even after he welcomed anti-vaxxer epidemiologist Dr. Robert Malone in his podcast which led to an open letter from 270 doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals.

Therefore, Young wanted the platform to choose either him or Rogan. Upon Young’s request, Spotify started to remove his music. Many musicians such as Sebastian Bach and David Crosby shared posts to support Young’s effort to prevent Rogan from misguiding people with his controversial ideas especially about public health.

Recently a Twitter user wanted to know what is David Crosby’s decision about his own music on Spotify. Crosby revealed that he doesn’t have any control over his music after he had sold his entire music catalog to Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group in the middle of a serious financial crisis. In his tweet, he implied that if he had the rights to his works, he would definitely support Neil Young by removing his own music from the platform, which can turn into a protest against Spotify depending on the artists’ actions.

A fan’s tweet read as follows:

“Hey, any chance you’ll ask to have your music deleted from Spotify?

Crosby responded:

I no longer control it or I would in support of Neil.

You can check out the tweets below.