David Crosby Supports Neil Young Threatening Spotify To Remove His Music

David Crosby recently posted a tweet to support his former Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young bandmate Neil Young who threatened Spotify to remove his music from the platform.

Ever since they were both playing in Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, there has been a long-time feud between the former bandmates Neil Young and David Crosby. It was mainly due to Crosby’s controversial remarks, such as calling Young’s girlfriend, Darryl Hannah a poisonous predator or describing Young as the most selfish person he knew.

Due to these and other internal conflicts, CSNY went on a hiatus several times and eventually disbanded. As of now, the band members have a tumultuous relationship with Crosby, and they rarely contact him. Considering Young’s recent remark about Crosby, it seems like the ice between them is breaking.

After Young’s positive statements, Crosby also recently supported the musician. The author and writer of Wired magazine, Steve Silberman, posted a tweet to announce Young’s plans to remove his music from Spotify unless they stop airing The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which is known as a source of misinformation about coronavirus and vaccines.

Neil Young was already not a fan of Spotify and its sound quality, so he was streaming his songs from his own website, which offers a higher quality sound of his entire catalog. So, the threat seems to be quite serious. Upon seeing the news, Crosby also posted a tweet to support Young, and he said this makes him proud of the musician.

Steve Silberman’s tweet read:

“Awesome news: Neil Young tells Spotify to remove his music from their service if they continue to air Joe Rogan’s lies, disinformation, and bull shit about COVID-19 and vaccines. Go, Neil!”

Replying to this tweet, David Crosby said:

“Right on, Neil.”

As a response to another supportive tweet, Crosby tweeted:

Makes me proud of him.

You can check out the tweets below.