Tarja Turunen Reveals The Muse Song She Had A Hard Time Singing

If we were about to make a list of the metal music scene’s powerful vocals, we wouldn’t probably have so many names that can ‘break a light’ with their voice. However, according to a 2022 interview, Tarja Turunen was able to do that. The funny part is, even she has had a hard time singing a Muse song.

Matthew Bellamy is renowned for his vocal range, a feature that makes Muse songs challenging to cover. Yet Turunen took on the task of covering one of the band’s songs on her ‘The Shadow Self’ album. In a recent interview with Chaoszine, she revealed why this song poses a considerable challenge for her.

Asked about her most challenging song to sing, Tarja Turunen said the following:

“First [song that] comes in [my] mind [is a] cover song that I covered. I dared to cover Muse’s ‘Supremacy’ on my second to last album, ‘The Shadow Self.’ Hey, that song is a b*tch every time I sing it! I really love the song, but its range is huge. Also, on my own songs, I tend to write damn difficult melodies for my voice. In a way, I enjoy the fact that not too many singers can sing my songs because of it!”

Despite the difficulty she faced in covering ‘Supremacy,’ Turunen’s rendition remains the only recorded cover of the song to date. This is not to say the task is easy, but her version got generally positive reviews from fans and critics alike.