Pantera Shows Get Canceled Due To Ongoing Racism Accusations

As you know, the Pantera reunion, one of the most anticipated events in the heavy metal world lately, was continuing without slowing down. But you know the world of music, it’s only a matter of time before a singer loses himself on stage and makes an offensive action under the influence of alcohol or substance. Pantera shows also seem to be interrupted by such an event.

Pantera’s planned performances at two German rock festivals this spring have been canceled due to backlash over singer Philip Anselmo’s previous racist remarks. The band, featuring Anselmo, Rex Brown, Zakk Wylde, and Charlie Benante, was set to play at Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park on June 2-4 in Nürburgring and Nürnberg.

Yet, following discussions with artists, partners, and fans, the festival organizers decided to remove Pantera from the lineup. The organizers of Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park announced the cancellation on Twitter on January 23, writing, “The band Pantera will not perform at Rock Im Park and Rock Am Ring 2023 as announced.”

The backlash was primarily due to Anselmo’s Nazi-style salute and ‘white power’ statement at a 2016 event in honor of late Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell. He later apologized for the incident, stating that it was a joke that went too far and that he was not a racist. However, there was also criticism regarding the location of Rock Am Ring, which takes place in Nürnberg, where Hitler supporters held mass Nazi party rallies from 1933 to 1938.

Anselmo had been accused of his racist attitudes and tried to dodge them several times in the past. But we don’t know how it will go this time. As the days come, we will see how the re-emergence of this event will affect the excitement about upcoming Pantera shows. Anselmo has yet to make a statement.