The Band That Inspired Bruce Springsteen To Form E Street Band

Regardless of the applause they receive for being iconic musicians, all successful artists have been influenced by the older generation rock stars. In Bruce Springsteen’s case, the singer had previously revealed that his list of music heroes includes celebrated artists such as Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, and many more.

However, there’s another act the E Street Band frontman has always looked up to and mentioned during multiple interviews. It’s the legendary Rolling Stones who also became the primary motivation behind Springsteen’s desire to form his own band with guitarist Steven Van Zandt. Let’s take a look.

Bruce Springsteen Named The Rolling Stones As His Inspiration

During a conversation with Rolling Stone back in 1984, Bruce Springsteen was asked about his thoughts while forming the E Street Band back in 1972. Like others, Springsteen was also inspired by a band regarded as one of the greatest ones, the Rolling Stones. Over a decade after founding the E Street Band, which achieved success with celebrated albums such as the 1973 album ‘Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.,’ Bruce Springsteen revealed that they took the Rolling Stones as an example.

Since they considered the Roling Stones as the best of all time, Bruce Springsteen and guitarist Steven Van Zandt aimed to be just like Rolling Stones. However, the musician also admitted that putting on the rocker suit doesn’t fit perfectly, or fits differently. Regardless of his initial aim to be like the Stones, Springsteen stated that he’s now happy with the success and the audience they have built as E Street Band.

When asked about his plans with forming the band, Springsteen said:

“Mainly, we planned to be just like the Rolling Stones. They were the band we liked the best at the time. But you grow up, and when you finally put that suit of clothes on, sometimes they don’t fit, or they fit differently, and you’re a different person, and what you’re gonna do is different, I guess. But in general, I do enjoy the success we’ve had and the fact that we have an audience, and I’ve enjoyed the financial success that I’ve had. It’s helped me do some things that I’ve wanted to do.”

Fortunately for the singer, he had the opportunity to share the same stage with his inspiration when he performed with the Rolling Stones during their appearance at Portugal’s Rock in Rio festival back in 2014. The unexpected collaboration allowed Springsteen to perform the band’s song, ‘Tumbling Dice’ alongside the frontman Mick Jagger.

You can watch the performance of Bruce Springsteen with the Stones down below.