The Band Lemmy Kilmister Named The Best In Rock And Roll

If we were to do an experiment to see which bands people prefer to listen to, there would no doubt be the names the Beatles and the Rolling Stones in some capacity in the mix. Because they have, in so many ways, impacted the industry standards and broadened the spectrum of what bands could bring to the scene, the two always make it into the top lists, and it’s for a good reason.

When you look at it from a different angle, there’s also the more than likely divide between favorites, as some people lean towards the Beatles while others vibe with the Stones more. This divide is not for the weak-hearted, and Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister was definitely not one to shy away from telling it what he believed to be true. So for the vocalist, the Beatles took the cake for being the best rock and roll band.

In an interview with Louder Than War’s John Robb in 2011, Kilmister recalled when he saw the Beatles play the Cavern Club, saying, “I saw the Beatles play the Cavern. These chicks had been going on about them, and I had to check them out. They were amazing- the greatest rock n roll band ever. You could tell something was happening.”

After seeing them do their thing, Kilmister was adamant that they were the best in the scene. He added, “They were the real deal; the Stones were too art school, the Beatles were real working class. They were a great rock and roll band. The Beatles kept doing great rock n roll right till the end. ‘Back in the U.S.S.R.’ is a great piece of rock n roll, as good as anything I’ve heard. There was always a rocking song on a Beatles album.”

This interview, in which Lemmy expressed his admiration for the Beatles, wasn’t the only time the bassist had stood by them and showed support, as he even wrote about the two bands in his memoir. Kilmister referred to the Stones as ‘mummy’s boys’ and only gave credit to Mick Jagger for his dance moves on stage, whereas he praised the Beatles for having amazing live shows every time.

On one occasion, Kilmister even credited Beatles’ Paul McCartney for being an incredible influence in the industry to look up to and get inspiration from when he was trying to find his way and figure out his place in the scene. So, it wasn’t that much of a surprise to anyone who knew about Kilmister’s admiration for the Beatles when he called them the best rock and roll band of all time. Do you agree with his statement, or are you more of a Stones fan?