The Aerosmith Member That Steven Tyler Can’t Stand

While Aerosmith became extremely popular during the mid-1970s with their power ballads and distinctive rock and roll style, the band’s career fell into decline when their severe drug and alcohol addictions took a heavy toll. Yet, the Boston-based band made an epic comeback in the late 1980s and hit the top of the charts again, becoming even more popular than in their early days.

Although they’ve enjoyed incredible success over five decades despite some ups and downs, the relationship between the band members has never been smooth. Whereas everything has seemed okay while they’ve been performing on the stage in harmony, the backstory of the off-stage relationship between the band’s lead singer Steven Tyler and the guitarist Joe Perry is quite interesting.

What Kind Of A Bond Do Steven Tyler And Joe Perry Share?

During Aerosmith’s popular days in the mid-1970s, Joe Perry and Steven Tyler acquired the nickname the ‘Toxic Twins‘ due to their excessive drug use and infamous partying. However, this kind of lifestyle eventually began seriously damaging the band’s creative process, which resulted in a tense relationship between Tyler and Perry. The guitarist even left the band after a heated argument with the singer in 1979.

The relationship between the pair was well covered in the band’s autobiographical work, ‘Walk This Way: The Autobiography of Aerosmith,’ written both by the band members and author Stephen Davis. The band’s bassist Tom Hamilton stated that Perry and Tyler had started to be called the Toxic Twins since they had access to almost everything they wanted during their heyday. They actually didn’t know how to move on with their lives, which dragged them into an unsafe situation.

Here is what Tom Hamilton said about the nickname the Toxic Twins:

“The press started referring to Joe and Steven as the Toxic Twins. We’d gotten to a very dangerous point where we could afford all the vices we wanted. We had our mansions, our Ferraris, the bottomless stashes of drugs. Where do you go from there?”

Even though Joe Perry eventually rejoined the band in 1984, the relationship between the two bandmates didn’t improve much. In later years, both names told their own versions of the story on various occasions, mostly going against what each other said.

However, the only thing we can’t doubt is that they’ve never had a stable relationship and still can’t stand being around each other off-stage. Nonetheless, the pair has managed to maintain a professional relationship and keep the band going.