Mark Hoppus Shares A Cryptic Message With A Reference To Tom DeLonge

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus shared a mysterious message on his official Twitter account and fans thought he was hinting at a new collaboration with Tom DeLonge.

After Mark Hoppus announced his cancer diagnosis to the world, his relationship with his former bandmate got stronger day by day. About a week ago, Mark finally announced that he is cancer-free. Following the news about his health status, lots of people started to ask for a new collaboration between Tom and Mark.

Even though Hoppus stated that he will fully recover from the treatment through the end of this year, he hinted at his collaboration with Tom DeLonge by sharing cryptic lyrics which included a line that says he is in a band with Tom.

Despite the fact that Mark wanted to tranquilize the fans about the possible reunion by saying that he only used that sentence because it rhymes, most of the fans didn’t believe him. Furthermore, Hoppus’ bandmate from Simple Creatures, Alex Gaskarth, also replied to this tweet and asked who Tom actually is, which might refer to Tom joining Simple Creatures.

Here are the lyrics that Mark shared:

“Stacy’s mom was in the King of Kong,

High score I want and I played it for so long,

Stacy can’t you see there’s a Donkey Kong kill screen,

I’m in a band with Tom but I’m in love with Stacy’s mom.

Alex Gaskarth replied:

“Wait who the hell is Tom!?”

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