The Two Bassists That Lemmy Kilmister Picked As His Influences


Lemmy Kilmister inspired many musicians with his career spanning over 60 years in the rock scene. His voice, bass playing, and stage style made him a massive success. Besides his contributions to the space rock band Hawkwind, Lemmy also opened a new gate to the rock world by establishing Motörhead in 1975. The rocker created his distinctive style in singing and playing, influenced by notable names like the Beatles.

Furthermore, Kilmister impressed his audience with his bass playing beside his recognizable raspy voice. He impacted the music scene with his distorted sound playing style. Countless impactful names from the rock scene also were the source of inspiration for his achievements. As an accomplished rocker, Lemmy was inspired by the Beatles bassist Paul McCartney and the Who bassist John Entwistle.

Paul McCartney And John Entwistle Inspired Lemmy Kilmister


Lemmy revealed in a past interview with Guitar World that McCartney and Entwistle are the names who influenced his bass playing. Motörhead’s bassist praised Entwistle’s playing style, mentioning he played as nobody did. The rocker stated that Entwistle’s talent shocked him when playing with The Who since he was so excellent at the bass that the Motörhead bassist did not even try to play like him.

When asked about the bassists influenced him, Lemmy Kilmister responded:

Paul McCartney and John Entwistle. Entwistle was like a lead guitar player, wasn’t he? He wasn’t like anybody I had ever seen. If you watch both sets of his fingers, it’s nuts. What he did are nuts. We played with the Who a few times in the ’60s when I was with a band up in Blackpool, and I used to sit and watch him. I couldn’t believe it. I never tried to play like him, just the tone more or less.”

While Lemmy Kilmister was climbing the ladder of success, he emphasized taking inspiration from other musicians to improve himself. Like many successful musicians, he followed the work of other impactful names. Paul McCartney and John Entwistle were among these notable names that influenced the upcoming musicians, especially at playing bass. Lemmy became one of the bassists influenced by the excellent playing skills of McCartney and Entwistle, creating his style that received endless praise.