The Album That Made Phil Collins Extremely Rich

Genesis drummer and singer Phil Collins gained popularity with his career as the band’s member and thanks to his successful solo hits. Collins dropped his debut solo studio album named ‘Face Value’ on February 13, 1981, and it reflected on details of the musician’s life full of exciting events. The album got critical acclaim from his longtime dedicated fans, and they looked forward to listening to his second work.

Thankfully, Collins didn’t make his fans wait for a long time by releasing the second record, ‘Hello, I Must Be Going!’ on November 5, 1982. His ‘You Can’t Hurry Love’ cover became very popular among rock lovers. It received different nominations, which hit the charts worldwide, but he couldn’t win them. Probably, Collins didn’t know that the real success, popularity, and many awards would come with his next album.

Phil Collins’ Best-Selling Record Came In 1985

Phil Collins shared his third solo studio album entitled ‘No Jacket Required’ on February 18, 1985, proving his solo career would be as prolific as his works with Genesis. The record became a turning point in his musical journey and financial status as a musician apart from his band. Collins decided not to write lyrics about his personal experiences and worked on more upbeat and dance-orientated songs.

In addition, this change in his style received negative reviews from some of his fans or critics because it was too commercial, but it didn’t affect its vast success worldwide. ‘No Jacket Required’ reached the Top 20 in several charts, and the drummer won Brit Awards and Best British Album along with three Grammys, including Album of the Year.

The album sold over 12 million copies in the US and 1.9 million in the UK, making it Collins’ most commercially successful solo record. It became the second-best-selling album in the UK in 1985; considering the record sale ranging between $8 and $10 and the inflation in the US, Collins gained millions of dollars from the sales. So, ‘No Jacket Required’ made the drummer a very commercially successful musician.

Furthermore, to promote his hit album, Collins started his No Jacket Required World Tour on February 11, 1985, in Nottingham, and ended on July 13, 1985, at both Live Aid concerts in London and Philadelphia. Thus, it can be said that this world tour also contributed a lot to the album’s popularity, chart success, and being a best-selling album.

You can listen to the album below.