Nikki Sixx Confirms Mötley Crüe Haven’t Rehearsed Together In Nine Years

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx recently posted about how much he missed performing with his band and is looking forward to rehearsing with his mates. He also admitted that they didn’t rehearse together in nine months in his Facebook post.

Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars have been in Mötley Crüe since 1981. They have lived a career, especially in the ’80s, as a cliche rock band and enjoyed the rock and roll’s fast and partying life, perhaps more intense than any other rock band in the scene. They were mainly known for their hedonistic behavior, but their concerts were entertaining for their fans as well.

It was unfortunate when the band signed a contract in 2015 that they would never tour again. Mötley Crüe highlighted the importance of this no-touring contract and stated that it’s impossible to go back from it. However, in 2019, they had found a loophole in that contract and decided that they would tour again with a video that showed the contract blowing and burning up. They destroyed the paper and announced their Stadium Tour.

With the pandemic restrictions, the tour kept on being rescheduled. Their latest confirmation is that the tour will begin in the summer of 2022. Hence the band is now getting ready for rehearsals. However, it has been nine years since they met to rehearse together, and Nikki Sixx is excited to reunite with his boys and start rehearsing. He asked his fans if there were any songs they would want to hear at the end of the post he shared to express his emotions.

Here is what he said about rehearsing again:

“Here’s a head f*ck for you. We pulled the plug seven years ago. Before that, we did a two-year tour. So the last time we rehearsed together was nine years ago. With that being said, talking on the phone, texting, and emailing each other about our upcoming tour, and yes, band rehearsal is f*cking exciting. We start rehearsal in a month. So grateful to get to take this hot rod out for another spin with my brothers of 40 years. Damn. Were making the setlists now. Anything you wanna hear?”

Mötley Crüe gained more popularity after their movie ‘The Dirt’ came out in 2019. Even though they haven’t been on stage for a while, the fans are reluctant to give up on them. Hence, this tour was mainly organized for their old fans and those who started to listen to their songs after the movie starring Machine Gun Kelly and Douglas Booth came out.