Andy Biersack: ‘Being A Young Rock Star Made Me An Asshole’

Andy Biersack reflected on his behavior during the early popularity of Black Veil Brides on a recent episode of the ‘Lipps Service With Scott Lipps’ podcast. He admitted to being an ‘a*shole’ at that time:

“You can’t give a 19-year-old a world where you’re successful in rock music and you’re constantly told that you’re attractive and you’re constantly told that you have the microphone and you’re constantly cheered for everywhere you go. That’s the recipe to create one of the worst people in the whole world.”

He Became ‘A Better Version Of Himself’

Biersack noted that turning into a better person took ‘a lot of experience and time.’ He credited his wife, Lilith Czar’s Juliet Simms, for his improvement:

“I mention her in particular because we’re both lead singers, and we were both crazy people when we got together. And our growth happened at the same time where we were both, like, ‘We need to become the best versions of ourselves.’ And so, we moved past it. But there was a whole period in my life when I’m sure I was mean or shitty to half the people in a day.”

The singer noted:

“But right now in my life, I wanna be nice, and I wanna be nice to people that come to the shows, and I’m going to try my hardest, but I’m not always gonna know what to do or say.”

The Singer Regrets Some Of His Past Behavior

Andy Biersack also talked about his onstage reaction to audience booing at the 2013 Revolver Golden Gods event. The vocalist f-bombed, flipped, and insulted the crowd after BVB won ‘Song of the Year’ for ‘In The End.’ He commented on his acceptance speech:

“I regret the contents being about somebody’s body and weight.”

Biersack cited his drunkenness, audience’s negative feedback, and prior criticisms of the band as the reason for his outburst:

“And I don’t regret doing that because if you’re not gonna stand up for yourself, who is going to? And that’s the thing, beyond anything else, that I want people to understand about what our message is.”

Watch the singer’s full interview below.