The Aerosmith Song Inspired By Steven Tyler’s Regrets About Fatherhood

Parenthood and fame have a complicated relationship, and many artists know that these two separate lives are often mutually exclusive. Since musicians spend hours during creative studio sessions or hit the road for months due to their busy schedules, artists might not be the most attentive parental figures.

Stevie Nicks, for instance, had an abortion as a young musician since she knew that motherhood would affect her commitment to Fleetwood Mac. Her partner at the time, the EaglesDon Henley, was known to be supportive of Nicks’s decision to get an abortion, as he was also not ready to be a parent.

Steven Tyler, however, fathered several children throughout his career. Some of these children were the result of flings, and as one might imagine, he wasn’t the best father as a young musician. Tyler was touring the world with Aerosmith while struggling with substance addiction, both of which got in the way of his fatherhood. Yet, he had regrets about his role as a parent, and it was rumored that he had even written a song to reflect on this remorse.

Which Track Did Steven Tyler Write To Address His Failed Fatherhood?

It can be said Tyler was a typical rocker since he struggled with substance addiction and had numerous flings. His fame turned him into a magnet of attention, and Tyler received plenty. The increased attention would sometimes result in children, and in one particular incident, it would take years for him to learn that he had fathered a child.

Liv Tyler believed that her father was Todd Rundgren for years. Her mother chose not to reveal to Liv that Steven Tyler was her biological father, and Rundgren accepted to father her even if she wasn’t his kid. Liv eventually discovered the truth by herself, and the Aerosmith frontman embraced her as his daughter.

The song he had written about his regrets wasn’t about Liv, though. Even if Liv and he connected years after she was born, Steven’s other children were also neglected due to his busy schedule as an artist and substance addiction. He was aware that he was distant and not the most attentive father at times, so he decided to compose a track.

Steven Tyler named the song ‘Jaded.’ The track reflected his regrets about his youngest daughter, Chelsea Tyler. He couldn’t be present in her early life as he was busy with Aerosmith and was struggling with personal issues and addiction. He wrote the song to address his regret and wish to be a better father.

Even though Steven wasn’t very attentive in his children’s early lives, it’s known that he now has a close relationship with each of his children, including Liv and Chelsea. It’s common for musicians to neglect their children, but at the end of the day, if they can make peace and compensate for their past mistakes, then it’s all good.