The Advantage Eric Clapton Has Over Angus Young For Guitar Playing

AC/DC guitarist Angus Young isn’t just a musician who has made a name with his energetic performances and on-stage showmanship. Although he’s known for his schoolboy uniform and version of Chuck Berry’s duckwalk, Young is also a brilliant guitar player who’s style has been applauded by music critics numerous times.

Eric Clapton, on the other hand, is known for creating several controversies over the years besides his playing style and characteristic stage performances. Regardless of his questionable opinions, Clapton is celebrated for his guitar playing as he’s widely regarded as one of the most important and influential guitarists of all time.

While these two guitar players have always been praised, they don’t have much in common except for being legendary musicians. Instead, they have a quality that separates the two which was explained by the AC/DC guitarist himself during an interview.

Eric Clapton Has Bigger Hands Than Angus Young

During an appearance on ‘The Guitar Show,’ Angus Young reflected on the time when he first learned how to play the guitar. Apparently, the musician picked up guitar playing by observing his brothers and hoped to get things right without receiving proper music education.

In addition to saying that he never actually learned guitar playing in terms of its technicality, Angus Young opened up about the fact that he’s a little guy who has rather small hands. Due to having a petite figure, it’s not always the easiest to play bigger chords on the guitar which is why he has to stretch quite a lot while playing.

The AC/DC guitarist also said that there are a number of guitar players who have big hands and long fingers which allow them to play the guitar relatively easily. The first name Angus Young came up with was Eric Clapton who truly has big hands to work with whereas Young has to balance his playing with his small hands.

About his own guitar playing, Young said:

“I never really sort of learned like in a technical sense, in theory. It was just something, I’d look at some of my brothers, look at the positions where their fingers were. I would hope that I would get it right. Malcolm, my brother, was pretty much the same. I think because of the two of us being little fellas, you would try to make chords and stuff.

If you’re a little guy and playing a big chord, you got a bit of a stretch. You see some guys because they’ve got big long fingers like Eric Clapton. They got this big finer stretch you know, it almost looks better. Their fingers are for the piano or something. When you’re a little guy, you sort of try to compensate.”

You can watch the entire interview below.