Eric Clapton Explains Who Encouraged Him To Stand Up Against Backlashes

During a recent appearance on The Real Music Observer channel on Youtube, Eric Clapton reflected on his anger towards COVID-19 restrictions and also revealed who inspired him during this whole process.

Eric Clapton has been speaking up about the government-mandated COVID regulations and vaccines for a long time. He often blamed the propaganda made for the vaccine’s benefits and referred to his terrible reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine and its side effects. Then he criticized the government’s promotion of the vaccines and claimed that they were spreading misinformation.

He has always been outspoken about this issue, and thus, he inevitably faced a serious backlash from the media and his fans. However, Eric Clapton said that he doesn’t mind backlashes because he wants to defend what he thinks is right. Clapton once again touched upon this topic and said that he has been insulted by the media due to his opposition, but he still protests the ‘guilt and fear’ propaganda.

Eric Clapton also revealed who inspired him during this process. Curtis Mayfield, a famous musician who used his art also as a means of social activism, was a great source of inspiration for Clapton. Mayfield was one of the first musicians who brought social awareness into his music. He openly talked about civil rights and black pride in his songs and advocated for a better future. Unfortunately, he became paralyzed from the neck down following a stage accident, but he continued to compose and sing despite being unable to play the guitar.

Clapton stated that Curtis Mayfield is such an inspiration to him that he even created an album named ‘Pilgrim’ as a tribute. The guitarist explained that Mayfield never hesitated to comment on his own community and point out the problems that needed to be resolved. Eric Clapton thought that this is what Mayfield would have done in such a situation. For Clapton, he would have behaved bravely just like he did.

Here is how Eric Clapton revealed his inspiration for his protest:

“What’s offending me now is I’m being insulted by the media. I can’t take this anymore. In England, they were using a lot of guilt and fear. And it was overwhelming. So I thought about Curtis Mayfield and I’ve always adored Curtis Mayfield. I think he was an incredible inspiration to me, and I made an album called ‘Pilgrim.’

It was pretty much devoted to his memory, and the album he made before that, his last album, he made playing on his back, as far a know, because he was paralyzed from the neck down from an accident onstage. His comments on his own community were pretty outstanding, I thought. And I sang ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ originally with a Curtis Mayfield voice. And then I started to develop it, but that’s what it was for me. What would Curtis do if he was alive? And he was a brave, brave man.

You can watch the full conversation below.