The AC/DC Record That Reminds Angus Young Of His Late Brother Malcolm


When the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm Young, formed AC/DC in 1973, they couldn’t have predicted that it would achieve such a commercial success worldwide. The band has had an incredible musical journey with the release of seventeen studio albums, including many hit songs. Although the band sometimes receives negative comments from the critics due to the similar sound on the band’s every record, they still managed to remain relevant throughout their long music career.

There is no doubt that the band’s legendary discography has left an unforgettable mark in the music scene. It’s almost impossible to rank their studio albums from worst to best, but most fans would probably give a higher place to their 1977 album, ‘Let There Be Rock,’ among their favorites. The album earned a special place in the rock scene for capturing the true sense of rock and roll. Besides its great legacy, the album also has an emotional aspect for Angus Young; let’s see what makes it so unique for him.

Was It Challenging To Record ‘Let There Be Rock?’



AC/DC’s fourth studio album, ‘Let There Be Rock,’ was released on March 21, 1977. Their previous album, ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap,’ was quite successful, so everything seemed to be going well for the band. However, when Atlantic Records said they didn’t like the album, they faced some problems. It encouraged the band members to go into the studio and make an album that would fully reflect them.

In ‘Let There Be Rock,’ the band was at the height of the chemistry between band members since their connection shined through the songs. Especially the harmony between Malcolm and Angus Young was apparent beginning from the opening track. The guitar sounds within the album are still recognized as one of the greatest in rock and roll history.

What’s Special About ‘Let There Be Rock,’ According To Angus Young?


In a previous interview with Vulture in 2020, Angus Young was asked whether there is any song that reminds him of his late brother Malcolm Young, who died in 2017 after his long battle with dementia. He named the ‘Let There Be Rock’ album instead of one song as he thinks it is the album that best defines AC/DC after crediting his brother for many ways the band found success.

It is known that Malcolm Young was the driving force behind the band’s massive success, owing to his incredible songwriting and guitar skills. Angus Young also gave credit to him and said that Malcolm put the band together in the first place. Angus revealed that Malcolm wanted to create an album that is ‘full-on guitar’ and ‘pure hard rock.’ Thus, the record causes Angus to reminisce about his late brother, as he regards him as the creative force behind the band’s sound.

Angus Young’s words on the song that cause him to reminisce about his late brother:

“This band was Malcolm’s creation, and he put it all together. I don’t know about a specific song, so I’ll counter with the album that defined us as a band: ‘Let There Be Rock.’ Our older brother, George, produced it and was our partner at the time. He asked me and Malcolm, ‘What would you like to do with this album? How do you want it to come out?’ And Malcolm said, ‘We want an album that’s full-on guitar and in-your-face and pure hard rock.’ That’s what we went for.”

You can listen to ‘Let There Be Rock’ through Spotify below.