Bruce Dickinson Seriously Says: ‘I Am A Fish, According To My DNA Test’

Iron Maiden frontman appeared in a new interview with Loudwire, where he claimed he’s a fish.

While discussing his latest solo album and comic series, ‘The Mandrake Project,’ the frontman delved into the theory. He shared a memory of undergoing a scan during his previous battle with cancer and revealed that it was during this process that he discovered he was a fish:

“I used to be a fish. I discovered it because they did the cancer scan and everything, and it’s something something anomaly or whatever. I said, ‘What’s that? I don’t like the sound of that.’ And the guy goes, ‘No, it just used to be a fish. So that’s the bit of you that used to be a fish, and it’s an anatomical hangover from that.'”

Pointing at his ears, he continued:

“I’ve got two tiny little holes in the top of my tiny little holes. Pinprick size on the top of my ears. They used to be gills. So people that have those have got a bit more fish DNA. I hate swimming, absolutely.”

Dickinson’s Fight With Cancer

In 2014, Dickinson received a diagnosis of throat cancer. However, after treatment, he returned to the band and resumed his career.

Dickinson disclosed in 2015 that he had been diagnosed with cancer at the base of his tongue. Subsequently, he underwent seven weeks of chemotherapy to combat the disease. In May, Bruce successfully cleared all the cancer cells from his body. After overcoming cancer, Iron Maiden released a new album in September titled ‘The Book Of Souls,’ which achieved the No. 1 position on the UK Albums charts.

During that period, the rock musician was frightened that he might lose the ability to sing again. In an earlier interview, the frontman recounted a moment when he attempted to sing:

“In early May, I started trying to sing and it sounded absolutely terrible. I sounded like some wounded beast. I was just like, ‘Oh my God!’ So, I waited another two or three months. I was wandering around the kitchen, waiting until everybody had gone out, and just started to give the voice a bit of a workout. I went, ‘OK, let’s have a go at the top. I went, ‘Oh, ooh, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Oh my God.’ And then I just relaxed, because I’m not in a hurry now; I know it’s all there. It’s come back.”

You can watch the interview below.