Ritchie Blackmore Shares Sad Truth About John Bonham’s Struggle With Led Zeppelin

Ritchie Blackmore recently opened up about John Bonham’s struggle with Led Zeppelin.

The Led Zeppelin guitarist took to Instagram to pour his feelings about his late bandmate. Blackmore wrote about how Bonham didn’t want to stay in the USA and wanted to go home instead. So, their manager surprised him:

“John Bonham would always tell Zeppelin: ‘I’m leaving the band. I can’t go back to America again. I can’t do that.’ So, Peter Grant (Led Zeppelin’s manager) used to go, ‘Hey, come to the garage, I want to show you something.’ He’d go, ‘What?’ They’d go to his garage and there’s a new Lamborghini, just what Bonzo wanted. And that’s how he kept coming.”

He continued:

“But there were a couple of moments there where he ended up crying because he wanted to go home. He didn’t want to be in America, missed his wife, didn’t want to be in a big band. He wanted to be in a small band in Birmingham, just playing. He didn’t care about all that fame.”

Bonham Almost Rejected Joining Led Zeppelin

Today, Bonham is known as one of the most influential drummers in rock music history. However, he might not have been as much as he is today, because the drummer almost didn’t join the band.

In an interview, the drummer’s son chatted about his close bond with Robert Plant. During the conversation, Jason shared the backstory of how his dad nearly turned down Plant’s offer:

“He [Robert Plant] and dad [Jason Bonham] grew up obviously very similar and played in bands together in the early days. There was always that great thing Robert mentioned recently, but my dad wouldn’t answer the call because my mom kept saying, ‘Every time you play with Robert, you never go anywhere, and you never earn any money.'”

Even though Jason mentioned his mom wasn’t happy about his dad teaming up with Plant, the drummer went for it anyway. He added:

“At the time, my dad had a resident gig with a guy called Tim Rose, and then Joe Cocker had also asked him to join the band. But he decided to get on the train and go down to London. The rest is history when you think about it.”

See Blackmore’s post here.