The $50 Million Offer To The Beatles That Made Ringo Starr Laugh

The Beatles is the best-known rock and roll band in the world. They safely established their spot in only ten years and became the most influential band of all time with only 13 studio albums. Although the band had a spectacular career, they couldn’t last more than ten years due to the members’ personal relationships with each other.

Their dramatic issues against each other began slowly and ended up in lawsuits that lasted even after they broke up. There was bad blood between Paul McCartney and the rest of the Beatles, but it was all settled later on. John Lennon and McCartney were best friends during their time in the band, but as they grew up, they grew apart.

Unfortunately, in 1980 the band members faced the tragedy of losing one of their own, John Lennon. Even though everyone Drew their own path and careers in their lives as an individual, this even devastated the band members. Although they didn’t consider a reunion even when John was alive, they certainly thought it wouldn’t make sense after losing one of the Beatles. Yet, this doesn’t mean that they didn’t have offers.

What Was The Most Memorable Offer For The Beatles Reunion?

Ringo Starr and George Harrison attended an interview on Aspel & Co in 1988 and talked about life after the Beatles and reminisced Lennon. Starr stated that there were a lot of offers to bring back the Beatles together, so, it wasn’t a new idea. However, there was specifically a very memorable amount that made the studio and Starr himself laugh after he mentioned it.

He stated that the band would only perform for 25 minutes, and for that short amount of time, they were willing to pay them $50 million. The interviewer couldn’t believe the number so, he asked if it was in the Dollar currency, and the two Beatles made fun of his disbelief.

Here is how the conversation went:

“Starr: Everyone kept trying to get us back together, but somebody phoned up, and they offered just for one gig, and we only used to do 25 minutes. They offered us $50 Million.

Interviewer: Dollars?

George: Liras.

Starr: 85 Booties.

Starr: I do remember that George never called any, but I remember calling everyone else. 25 minutes, buy your new suit.

We will never get it together. I mean, we broke up, you know, for all of the reasons we know about. I don’t really believe in this get-together thing. Now, if we got together, it would be, George, Paul, and Ringo. It would not be the Beatles.”

Even though Starr considered the offer because of the amount, the other members weren’t eager due to the previous issues among them. He also stated that even if they were to reunite after this, it would only be ‘George, Paul, and Ringo,’ and not ‘The Beatles’ because John is not there. Unfortunately, the only surviving members are Paul and Ringo in 2022, and it doesn’t seem like the fans will witness a reunion from the two Beatles.

You can watch the full interview below.