Ronnie Radke Reveals His DNA Test Result For The Sexual Assault Case

Amid the controversy following former PVRIS guitarist Alex Babinski’s clearing of sexual harassment allegations, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke has entered a heated online debate on X to clear his name from past sexual assault claims.

Babinski, ousted from PVRIS in 2020 following the allegations, took to social media to proclaim his innocence, stating that a lawsuit had been resolved in his favor. This development prompted Radke to question PVRIS’s actions and demand an apology for Babinski, citing the clear resolution of his case.

Radke’s Defense For The Allegations

Ronnie’s reaction quickly drew attention, especially from those aware of his own history with sexual assault allegations. When a comment expressed doubt about the sincerity of apologies from those accused of rape and criticized their frequent involvement in such cases, Radke attempted to defend his past actions in a series of tweets. He wrote:

“I was accused of SA [sexual assault] and on the same night had a DNA test that immediately proved I didn’t do it, and I still get called a rapist by people with ‘free Palestine’ in their bio, last year it was BLM [Black Lives Matter]; this year, it’s something new. Nobody will ever take you serious.”

Past Legal Troubles And Public Perception

Then, the discussion around Radke jumped into his past legal troubles, including a charge for possession of a dangerous weapon and a plea deal for a lesser offense of battery. The vocalist clarified these charges, explaining:

“I was charged for having brass knuckles in my pocket, not for battery. The district attorney offered me to plead down to 1 felony of battery as opposed to 2 felonies of concealing a dangerous weapon and possession of a dangerous weapon. I plead to 1 felony in a deal. Charged does not mean you are guilty. Remove the foot from your mouth. How embarrassing.”

The conversation also touched on a restraining order allegedly filed by his ex, which Radke denied, noting:

“My ex did not get a restraining order against me. Imagine anyone needing a restraining order against me and not the other way around, lmao. You were 9 years old when this happened and are still mentally 9 years old.”

Radke’s Controversial History

Back in 2015, the singer was accused of sexual assault but maintained his innocence, supported by a lack of evidence found by police. Radke had also filed a defamation lawsuit against the accuser, identified in legal filings as ‘Defendant Boswell.’

Ronnie’s career has been marred by other various controversies and legal issues, too. In 2012, he faced domestic abuse allegations, which led to a plea of no contest to a misdemeanor charge of disturbing the peace in 2014, with the domestic violence charge subsequently dropped.

See his tweets below.