David Gilmour Announces His New Acoustic Guitar For A Charity Movement

Pink Floyd legend David Gilmour took his official Instagram account to share a new picture of himself and announced his new guitar.

In the picture, you can see that David was on the outside for the photoshoot session and giving a huge smile towards the camera. He was wearing a black outfit that suits her classy appearance and playing an acoustic guitar.

David wrote in the caption that the guitar that he was playing in the picture is a signature model for himself by Martin Guitars, D-35 David Gilmour Custom Signature Edition, which has both 6-strings and 12-strings models.

Furthermore, this signature guitar of David Gilmour will be produced a total of 250 guitars by Martin Guitars and all the profits will support the David Gilmour Charitable Foundation.

Here is what David Gilmour said:

“Very pleased to be working with Martin Guitars on the D-35 David Gilmour Custom Signature Edition, as 6 and 12 string models (the 6 string is based on my 1940s Martin D-18). This collaboration will support my Charitable Foundation.”

You can check out the post below by clicking here.

Photo Credit: David Gilmour – Instagram