Good News From Mark Hoppus: ‘Still Cancer Free’

Mark Hoppus is still cancer-free.

In an Instagram story shared by the Blink-182 bassist, the rocker shared a picture lying down on a hospital bed, revealing that he thought the cancer came back after some symptoms recurred. He wrote:

“Got scanned the morning I left LA after recurring symptoms. I thought for sure it was back. [I’m] still cancer free. Thank you God. Thank you universe. Love you all. Let’s. F*cking. Go.”

Hoppus’ Fight With Cancer

Hoppus was diagnosed with stage 4-A diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in 2021. Six months after the diagnosis, he was declared cancer-free.

In late 2022, the pop-punk trio announced they were getting back together. Before coming back together as the original trio, Tom DeLonge almost stopped making music completely until Hoppus told him he was sick.

Despite reuniting with the band after his diagnosis and treatments, the bassist revealed that chemo treatments ‘wrecked’ his vocal cords:

“The chemotherapy wrecked my vocal cords. I had to go to work with a vocal coach. I had to rebuild my throat. I had all this stuff I had to rebuild to get to the point where we could go and walk on stage at Coachella and have one of the biggest shows of our career and have this album, which touch wood is one of the best albums we’ve ever written.”

He also revealed that he had to relearn how to play bass.