Ted Nugent Wishes Prince Harry Would Go Where He Belongs

As you know, Ted Nugent often uses social media as a medium to spread his ideas, which the CIA censors, as he claims. In the last episode of his Nightly Nuge, he shared his thoughts on the Royal Family this time, and Prince Harry was at the center of his criticism.

“I get this truth, logic, common sense, and fire going on where nobody I’ve ever met has cared about color, creed, religion, gender confusion,” Nugent said. “We only care about the content of character. I have a dream, Keith. I have a dream that my little children someday will live in a world where nobody judges by the color of skin, but they judge by the content of heart and content of character.”

The veteran rocker continued, “And most importantly, if you show up on time and put your heart and soul into being the best that you can be, I’m colorblind. Obviously, Prince Harry and his cushy little spoiled brat royal world plummeted into the world of racism, so that doesn’t surprise me at all.”

Further reflecting on the issue, the singer added, “Meanwhile, good people will continue to judge solely the on the content of character, caliber they carry, and the arrival being on time, punctual every day, and whether you can shoot a good bone arrow and you enjoy venison. Those are the ingredients that make a good quality of a human being. In the meanwhile, Prince Harry, I hope you go right down the toilet where you belong. And you’re a little puppy, too.”

At the beginning of his speech, Ted Nugent directly opposed the concept of the ‘royal family’ without personally targeting the Royal Family members and said that such a thing should not take place in our world. Still, after that, he did not hesitate to express his personal opinions about the members of the Royal Family, especially about Prince Harry. The subject, which later set Nugent aflame, was brought up when the host mentioned the striking interview Prince Harry joined.

Prince Harry released his book ‘Spare,’ a memoir containing private and detailed information about the Royal Family, on January 10, last week. While the book already caught all eyes, Harry’s words about the Royal Family during his appearance on the Late Show With Stephen Colbert caused even more stir. Ted Nugent, on the other hand, said that he did not watch the interview or purchase the book because, as Royal Family and Prince Harry are not his favorites.