Heidi Shepherd Says Butcher Babies Are Determined To Preserve Their Integrity

Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd sat down to chat with Heavy New York and revealed the process of album making from their previous albums to their upcoming ones and shared that the double album perfectly reflects who they are as a band.

Heidi shared that songwriting and producing don’t get easier, but as musicians, they evolve with their music, and at some point, they stop listening to what they should be doing and just focus on what type of music they want to create.

Shepherd added that the upcoming album had to be a double one; after having two directions they wanted to take with their new sound and to articulate that and preserve their integrity as a band, even if it’s harder to do with each album, they made that choice to show not only their silly and fun side but also their ugly and dark moments.

Heidi Shepherd’s words about their double album read:

“I definitely would not say it gets easier. I think that there’s something to be said about evolving. [Butcher Babies’ debut album] ‘Goliath’ was ten years ago; I’m a totally different human than I was ten years ago. I’ve experienced, I feel a whole lifetime of stuff, touring the world multiple times over with my friends. I’m just deciding what even to touch on. And especially in the industry, people say, ‘Oh, you need to be doing this now.’ ‘Oh, you need to do this. This is going to make you successful. You need to transition into this way, that way, this way, this way, that way.’ So maintaining the integrity of what you want to create is a lot harder album to album to album.

She added:

“In this band, I’m super grateful for having the band members that we have because we love to experiment and try different things, and on this new album, you’ll hear some of the softest stuff we’ve ever done. A lot of these songs have been released, like ‘Bottom Of The Bottle,’ which is a total radio song, and that was a song that I went in with the intention and totally [said], ‘This is the kind of song that I wanna write for this.’ And then you’ll hear songs like ‘Beaver Cage,’ where it’s wild and chaotic. So I’m excited that our band members let us experiment that way. But when it came to deciding what kind of album we really wanted to do, we ended up with a double album because we had two different directions that we wanted to showcase.”

“It is a great representation, actually. It’s quirky, it’s silly, it’s fun, and the whole album reflects that. But the album has a dark side as well. And something that we’re very excited about is showing these different sides of Butcher Babies.”

Several tracks from the album have already been released, like ‘Bottom Of The Bottle’ and ‘Beaver Cage,’ which hint at what the whole double album will be like when it’s presumably released sometime this year. If you want to get a taste of what the album will sound like, the two singles are an excellent place to start!