Adam Lambert Expresses Concern About Judging Freddie Mercury Impersonators


During a recent interview with Daily Express, Queen’s touring frontman Adam Lambert opened up about becoming a judge in the singing competition named Starstruck. The musician also reflected on the Freddie Mercury impersonators in the show.

Adam Lambert has been performing with Queen under the name Queen + Adam Lambert since 2011. It started when Lambert appeared on American Idol, and the Queen members were impressed by his talent. Eventually, they thought he could be a good match with the band’s sound. They decided to turn into a collaboration and started to perform together.

Their performances received great acclaim both from Queen and Adam Lambert fans. They will continue doing ‘The Rhapsody Tour’ beginning from the end of May 2022 through the end of June. They are set to perform in Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, and London. Besides his busy schedule with the band, Adam Lambert is also a judge on the ITV series, Starstruck, in which the contestants transform into their singing idols.

In the show’s first episode, three contestants transformed into Freddie Mercury. Adam Lambert shared his thoughts on this as a close person to Queen. When he first heard that the contestants would perform as Mercury, Lambert hoped he wouldn’t be mean to them. On the contrary, he was impressed by the good impersonations. He realized that the contestants didn’t want to make fun of Mercury, so it was really like a tribute, which is one of the points that made him happy about the show.

Adam Lambert speaking on Freddy Mercury impersonators:

“There was a Freddie Mercury group, and obviously I am close to the band and when they were announced I thought, ‘Oh God, I hope I am not mean,‘ but when they performed I thought it was good, and I was really impressed.

The thing I like about this show is that no one is going on stage and making fun of the artist. They are being respectful and are tributes from superfans who have watched these artists since they were young. They know the records, and they know how they move, sound and talk, so it’s really like a tribute to all these artists, and that is what makes it really special.”

You can watch the Freddie Mercury impersonators on Starstruck below.