David Crosby Stands Against Trophy Hunting, ‘It’s Not Right’

David Crosby recently stood up against trophy hunting and made a radical comment on poachers who hunted animals for fun. He commented on the photo of Donald Trump’s sons and called them ‘a**holes.’

Hunting and the ethics of hunting for fun have been long-running discussions. Animal lives should be respected, and threatening their lives as a hobby is not understandable to some people. Aside from the fact that it doesn’t make sense, it is also sad to see people enjoying killing so much and are generally proud of their actions.

Former USA President Donald Trump’s two sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr. had a photo of them taken, carrying a dead leopard and smiling at the camera. A fan brought this picture to David Crosby’s attention after he tweeted that poachers should be hunted down.

The musician initially stated that he wanted to build a service to hunt down poachers. A fan replied with the photo of the Trump brothers and said that he should start with them. Crosby commented on that photo and stated that they are ‘shallow a**holes’ to kill a beautiful animal for momentary pleasure. Another user said they are only doing it to get love from their father, but Crosby even got angrier and said that those people are not capable of love.

Crosby’s first tweet follows:

“I want to start a safari service that takes you out to hunt poachers… bet I’d get a lot of business.”

A fan tweeted the Trump brothers’ photo and said:

“Start with these guys.”

The rocker replied:

“That an animal that beautiful should die to give momentary pleasure to two shallow a**holes like this? It’s not right. It never will be.”

Another fan got involved:

“Someone should tell them that a dead leopard won’t make daddy love them more.”

Crosby said:

Daddy is not capable of love, was never shown it to learn how. Look at a pic of his parents, monsters both drunk and vicious.”

You can see the tweets below.