Ted Nugent Shares The Song He Wants To Play With Kid Rock

During his recent live stream on Youtube, Ted Nugent talked about his upcoming Panama City concert as a part of his Ted Nugent Detroit Muscle 2022 Tour. Nugent also revealed that he might join his longtime friend Kid Rock for a show to perform a Nugent classic together on the stage.

Ted Nugent released his third studio album entitled ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ on May 13, 1977. He collaborated with Derek St. Holmes, Rob Grange, Cliff Davies, and others, and the album hit the charts and became one of his highest-selling records, receiving very positive reviews. The album’s most famous track was considered ‘Cat Scratch Fever,’ and many people said it was their favorite Ted Nugent song.

As one of them, Kid Rock, who is a huge Ted Nugent fan and his close hunting buddy, plays ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ in almost all his live performances. They found a chance to perform it together when Kid Rock started his Kid Rock’s First Kiss: Cheap Date Tour, and Nugent joined him on stage for two nights during his Detroit concerts in 2015. The duo’s performance and harmony were appreciated a lot by the audience.

Ted Nugent recently announced that he will perform in the Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally at Frank Brown Park on April 29, 2022, as the headliner, and the next day Kid Rock will be on the stage. He noted that Kid Rock plays ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ every night, which can be described as a tribute to Nugent. Thus, he revealed that he might team up with the musician for another live performance of his classic song by making a joke about showing Kid Rock how to play it.

Nugent stated in his interview that:

“The next night, the headliner is my buddy Kid Rock. I’m not promising anything except we’re going to rock your brains out, but on the 30th, when Kid Rock is headlining Panama City, the big beach party concert, he always plays ‘Cat Scratch Fever’ every night, so maybe I’ll stick around and go up there and show him how to play it. It’s a possibility.”

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