Ted Nugent Says He’s Surprised That Mark Zuckerberg Still Didn’t Throw Him Off Of Facebook

Rock veteran Ted Nugent recently opened up about the reason behind his decision to keep using Facebook during another Facebook Livestream. Despite being surprised by the fact that he hasn’t been thrown out of Facebook, Nugent stated that he’ll be using the ‘Zuckerberg anti-American boat’ to convey his message.

As many of you know, every live stream on his official Facebook page, Ted Nugent comes up with a groundbreaking statement either it’s about the coronavirus pandemic or other celebrities. His topic range from accusing former president Barack Obama of contributing to the creation of the coronavirus in Wuhan Labs, to referring to president Joe Biden as ‘satan number one.’ 

There’s no doubt that the conservative rocker loves revealing his controversial opinions in the boldest and most passionate manner. While it doesn’t seem like his claims don’t come to an end any time soon, Nugent also received criticism for using Facebook despite heavily blaming its co-founder Mark Zuckerberg for being an anti-American.

During his recent Facebook Livestream, his wife Shemane Nugent asked the musician to explain his reason behind still using Facebook as a tool for his cause since his action clashes with his words according to many. Ted Nugent resembled his action to a father who has a sick child and the only way out is to take advantage of your enemy which is the ‘Zuckerberg anti-American boat’ in this case.

Thinking that his example proved his point pretty clearly, Ted Nugent stated that he’s going to be using Facebook until they kick him out. Furthermore, the musician also expressed how surprised he is by not being banned by Facebook yet, however, he’s still happy for being able to use his enemy’s platform to share his truth, logic, and common sense.

During his Facebook Livestream, Ted Nugent stated:

“Can I give the ultimate analogy in that? You wanna take medicine to your sick child and your sick child in on an island. But there’s only a boat run by the enemy to get the medicine to your sick child. Would you not improvise and adapt to overcome and see the Zuckerberg anti-American boat to get the medicine to your sick child?

You improvise, adapt, and overcome, it’s not compromising my stand, it’s taking advantage of the scum dogs out there who censor and burn books and limit the free speech of not downright eliminate free speech and force you to get an experimental sho that even the Federal Food and Drug Administration hasn’t authorized.

So if I can get truth, logic, and common sense on the backs of my enemy, here I am. That’s why I do this, I’m not gonna get off Facebook until they throw me off. For some reason, they haven’t yet because here I am.”

Although his fans still aren’t sure why Facebook hasn’t kicked Ted Nugent off yet since his claims include Mark Zuckerberg himself as well as violating many other rules of the platform, they are happy that they get to see and hear from the musician nearly every other day since Nugent doesn’t skip his Facebook Livestreams.