Brian Johnson And Malcolm Young’s Search For The Loch Ness Monster

Late AC/DC icon Malcolm Young wasn’t the most visible member of the band, especially when compared to one of the most famous figures of the rock scene, his brother and bandmate Angus Young. However, he was the mastermind behind the band’s timeless rock sound and is still appreciated by the rock and roll community.

After spending almost 45 years on the rock scene, the musician, unfortunately, got seriously ill and stopped performing in 2014. In the following months, Young was hospitalized as he had been diagnosed with dementia. Eventually, the rocker passed away from the disease on 18 November 2017 at the age of 64.

What his fans are left with are the stories, often told by his bandmates, who spent a great deal of time with the musician. Today, we will break down one of the most amusing and sincere moments lead singer Brian Johnson shared with his late bandmate to unveil Malcolm’s fun personality.

Brian Johnson And Malcolm Young Had A Plan For The Loch Ness Monster

During an interview a few days after Malcolm Young’s passing, Brian Johnson looked back on one of their humorous stories when he first joined AC/DC. Apparently, Young came up with the idea to visit Loch Ness to see the famous urban legend, Loch Ness Monster, around 1981 or 1982.

Thus, Johnson and Young booked a hotel on the right side of the place and had dinner as they discussed their plan to find the legendary monster. When the time came for them to look for the monster, Johnson saw a box in Young’s hands. After asking what he was holding, Brian found out that Malcolm Young had an entire plan to find the vicious monster.

Apparently, the rocker had packed a box of fireworks, which he would use to attract the monster’s attention. Surprisingly, the singer thought this was a great idea as well, and they hit the road for Loch Ness. The bandmates had a ‘well-thought plan’ and excitement, and therefore, they directly walked into the water with their shoes.

Since they were completely soaked in water, their firework strategy didn’t go exactly as planned. Nevertheless, they had the best time as they giggled and laughed, trying to set the fireworks. Ultimately, Brian Johnson said that he thinks they managed to catch a glimpse of the Loch Ness Monster, but they were never sure.

According to Rolling Stone, Johnson said:

“In 1981 or ’82, Malcolm said, ‘Let’s go to Loch Ness. Let’s go see if there is a monster!’ We booked a hotel right on the side of the Loch and had dinner and, you know, we had a few sherbets, and as we are walking down there I said to Malcolm, ‘What’s that you got?’ He said, ‘I’ve got a box of fireworks.’ I said, ‘What for?’ He said, ‘Well, we will set them off, and it may get the attention of the monster.’ I said, ‘Ah, that is a f*cking great idea.’

We walked straight into the water; we didn’t even take our shoes off. And there we were giggling and laughing, trying to set these fireworks. Everything got soaked in the water, and we all fell down, and of course, we thought we had seen it. We weren’t sure.”

Since Malcolm Young wasn’t a member who gave interviews about his personal life very often, it’s thrilling for fans to hear about these types of stories from his bandmates as they unveil the late musician’s childish side. To this day, he has countless fans admiring his genius ways to create a timeless sound, and now they know what a fun person he was.