Alice Cooper Says He’s Not Afraid Of Talking About His Religious Beliefs

During a recent interview with Ultimate Classic Rock, Alice Cooper opened up about some of the stories that took place in his new audiobook, ‘Who I Really Am: The Diary of a Vampire.’ The rocker admitted that he doesn’t mind sharing his private life, and those who think he hides his Christianity are wrong.

Alice Cooper has the ultimate rockstar image with his raspy voice, extravagant stage shows including guillotines,  fake blood, and reptiles, and has inspired horror films. These are the reasons why many people don’t consider the singer a religious person, while the truth is different.

As a matter of fact, Cooper once opened up about his religion during a 2007 interview with Johnnie Walker on BBC Radio 2. He revealed that he believes every single word in the Bible, and he doesn’t care if this ruins his image as a rockstar. Furthermore, he thanked God for taking away his alcohol addiction and stated that he’s unapologetic about his religion as a born-again Christian.

That being said, there are still many people who think Alice Cooper hides his Christianity since he does not speak publicly about his religious beliefs very often. During a recent interview, the rocker stressed that he doesn’t refrain from talking about his personal life outside of the ‘Alice Cooper’ character.

According to Cooper, many people get him as a person and his twisted stage persona. Thus, when the musician talks about being a Christian, several people feel surprised. The reason he doesn’t talk about his stage persona is to keep his character as a mystery, whereas he’s candid about the real Alice whether it’s about religion or his addictions.

In the interview, Cooper said:

I don’t mind letting people in on my personal life. It’s Alice that I want to keep the mystery. You know, Alice the character is the one that has no background. He has no history. He’s a character, so he really just came out of my brain and Bob Ezrin’s brain. We developed that character, and we know what he would say and what he wouldn’t say what he would wear, what he wouldn’t wear. All of that kind of stuff.

But as far as my personal background, I talk about all of it. I don’t hide anything. People are always surprised that I talk about my Christianity, and I go, ‘Why would I hide that?’ You know, I don’t hide all of the other stuff. The drug addiction and all of the alcoholism, and all of that. So why would I hide Christianity? I don’t hold anything back when it comes to my own history.”

You can watch the 2007 interview below.